Reality Check

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Sometimes we expose our children only to goodness, to the experience of perfect things around ,keeping them in comfort zones , exposing them only to one part of reality or their small good world. This can be a disadvantage when they are on their own to face the real world . We train them to … Continue reading Reality Check

Ideals perfect or imperfect?

I decided to write this seeing the current series of events in our media , and some in past decade that have come to light through media about the role models, their picture perfect and reality. When i was young and naive i used to think highly of people with great intellects, talents ,fame, skills or … Continue reading Ideals perfect or imperfect?

Double Standard

portrait of a woman with double exposure

It's very common to have people preach very high morals and practice exactly the opposite without letting it even be doubted. It's in this generation which holds a face and feels or thinks exactly opposite within , without changes in lines of face. This has made it even difficult to judge people just by their actions or … Continue reading Double Standard