My Journal 26. Best or better

gold round coin on blue textile

The choice is not easy everybody wants to be the best. But actually there is no best and trying to be the one , looses the perception of reality and going for an imaginary perfect best losing a lot in the process. Better is real, a balance, a space for growth , time for all that … Continue reading My Journal 26. Best or better

My Journal 36. The Over – Type

spiral staircase with concrete blue railings

Always been at the  receiving end  of the title from my college days to real life. I have had my challenges and had to work on ways to achieve in spite of those unusual and difficult circumstances and challenges in my life , because me complaining wouldn't have helped me out. This got me wrongly labeled … Continue reading My Journal 36. The Over – Type

My Journal 42. True Calling

pink and white flower with white background

I know exactly what it means as it took me really long to find ways ,to acknowledge ,to believe and pursue it . I am not saying I exactly knew what it was , until I went through all ways that life put me through,  I did what best I could do in those times trying to make … Continue reading My Journal 42. True Calling

Box of seeds

Box of seeds Each with a plant in it To be watered ,nurtured and  given warmth Will grow to see the dawn. Some would need care Some would be planted else where Some would need support Some will grow on their own. To make sure each seed Reaches it goal The gardener should be skilled … Continue reading Box of seeds

Big Skills 9. Creativity

watch mechanism in dark room

Creativity is in choosing life to live the way you want creating experiences . It is the ability to express those emotions , ideas , topics in ways that  are unique, being able to present them through a different angle and details. It is our inbuilt tendency to work on solutions generated through our unique ways , ideas … Continue reading Big Skills 9. Creativity

Raw or Refined

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They say don't judge a book by its cover,Yet speak of first impressions make the everlasting opinions. They say Just be yourself And be accepted, Yet everybody refined to put their best foot forward. Raw is simplicity, Refined is polished.Simplicity connects to the heart, As Polished to the sense. When Raw,Not having to impress. to … Continue reading Raw or Refined