A layer of goodness A layer of position. Layers of wrappings Each for every relation Each to put up at different occasion. Ones very neatly done Ones to coverup layers that lie beneath. Layers with title and trophies Layers to blend in. Can u see the core Or just another layer Specially crafted Suiting the … Continue reading Multilayered

Black hole

Nobody needs to be invited To stand with truth for right Truth has no sides It's just what you have always known inside. You don't stand for truth It is the voice of soul to keep it alive. But, The day one chooses to stand on the opposite side For one's benefit or pride They … Continue reading Black hole

To know the Truth

You want to know the truth Do you want to hear my story. I will tell you every bit of it Will you able to take all of it. When it will reveal all that you never knew When it will show all that you didnt want to see When it will speak all of … Continue reading To know the Truth

Join the dots

Link Those dots that you missed Those you ignored Those you skipped. As you always had Those prefilled notions. Now you would know It was always there Right in front of you And then still you missed Just that you didn't focus on those signals. Now you would know What was missing in the picture … Continue reading Join the dots

Changing Times

gray double bell clock

Its a different world than you have seen Those rules no more work hereThose principles don't fit hereThose typecast definitions have lost valueThose connections have renewed values. Its time you embracea time that is no more the sameIts a different world , a whole new game. In these Changing TimesPositions one holds no more define … Continue reading Changing Times

Bad Childhood

wood love people art

One more thing that also holds true is not everybody has a good childhood due to poverty ,bad parenting , childhood abuse or broken homes , to substance abuse and homes with frequent clashes or quarrels. Growing up in such environment or frequently being subjected to such conditions or victim of any kind of abuse … Continue reading Bad Childhood


symbols of justice and law on table of judge

People takes sides that suits their type.Sometimes that benefits them in time.Sometimes to coverup for their lapse.Sometimes for their own gains.Sometimes for another's pain.Sometimes seeing beyond ones sight.Sometimes knowing what's right.Sometimes scores to settle.Sometimes a clear battle.Sometimes carefully thought.Sometimes manipulated and sought. Both sides look alike, Both put up an equal fight. Take a side, … Continue reading Sides

Truth is Liberating

faceless fit woman swimming in blue ocean

Truth helps you calmAs it clearswhat's being put up.what's just a set up.what's only a get-up.For now that its outyou know it is not what it was. It clears the line between what we perceive. what we receive. what we deceive. yet in back of the mind we made a truce. Now you know, Why … Continue reading Truth is Liberating