My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

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We share experiences in the form of knowledge but rarely do we share our experiences especially with a dark past openly with other's. Fear of being judged , fear of reliving those emotions , fear of inability to express or fear of the immaturity of the listener .Whichever reason be it we hold back sharing … Continue reading My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

If ever I see you again

If ever I were to see you again I don't want to tell you how much mean you have been How you put me through losses I couldn't heal How you were in power and i submitted to live. I want to tell you how I endured still never broke How I stood and could … Continue reading If ever I see you again

Broken Shells

Broken shells Fail to give the safety net Needed in the most crucial phase To develop in completeness. They need that extra care Empathy Love Acceptance Is all that can help heal. Yet not all of it can be recovered Some of it remains a hurdle forever A challenge to live and face every minute … Continue reading Broken Shells

You are not alone

The more one relives them The losses get deep. Rise and heal Leave them past. The past cant be let gone But dont carry it each day. To hold on to it Is to go through all of it again. To know You were scarred But to know even more Those scars no more define … Continue reading You are not alone

Bad Childhood

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One more thing that also holds true is not everybody has a good childhood due to poverty ,bad parenting , childhood abuse or broken homes , to substance abuse and homes with frequent clashes or quarrels. Growing up in such environment or frequently being subjected to such conditions or victim of any kind of abuse … Continue reading Bad Childhood

My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

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No matter how great writer , speaker , orator or artist one are there are areas of life or living one never speaks of or sometimes left unspoken of .These are part of the unspoken words of life sometimes of the community at large we are a part of. Sometimes these are feeling long lost … Continue reading My Journal.13- Unspoken Words