My Journal 33 . Judging People

judgement scale and gavel in judge office

 Judging people is not that easy even though we think to be a very good judge of people's thoughts , character or intentions. This question has been a very important topic for me for the various experiences and past I faced especially around my closed ones , whom I admired once , who make me what I am today … Continue reading My Journal 33 . Judging People

Let Thoughts speak

What happens when thoughts speak Should they be heard Or silenced before being heard Aren't they meant to be inside Hidden from the world outside Locked up in memories Caged in fears Dressed to cover-up Masked for acceptance. For once let those Thoughts speak Let them just flow Breaking all those barriers See yourself set … Continue reading Let Thoughts speak

My Journal 21. – Something vs Nothing

two green cactus plants at daytime

Some people have nothing but yet they always find something to give on the other side some have everything still nothing to give .These who have nothing to give always want something or think something is always missing . Whereas the contended ones with what they have still share from whatever little they got. It's always … Continue reading My Journal 21. – Something vs Nothing

My Journal 14. – Journey

One truth about life all agree to especially if they have seen and lived life in every aspect, know that it's all about the journey not the destination. Yes I have known people who have skipped the journey , sometimes found shortcuts to reach the same destination , but I tell you it was totally their loss. They … Continue reading My Journal 14. – Journey

What feeds your soul

woman in white and blue floral shirt wearing brown straw hat

If its jealousyyour grass will always be less green. If its revengeyou will never have time to grow. If its competitionyou will always need compliments and trophies. If its intoleranceyou will never be at peace. If its greedyour glass will always be empty. What if its empathyyou will be more human. What if its self … Continue reading What feeds your soul

Dealing Negativity

There will always be negativity around , there is no need to try to fit in because there will always be reservations , insecurities or beneficiaries. Which ever side of the line you are you will always have others on the other side .Never spend an extra effort proving how right you are or expect … Continue reading Dealing Negativity