Multi Sensory Learning

Every child connects better to a particular style of learning that helps them learn through their unique ways and aids understanding. But the different styles of learning can be combined and used with learning,  to help all kinds of students to fill in gap with their grades and make learning interesting and easy for them … Continue reading Multi Sensory Learning

Preparing for MCQ pattern

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With changes in education system policy there is a more shift to MCQ pattern from primary education. Many schools have even started with the implementation and shift in current scenario to prepare children for this new pattern. Are objectives a better idea at younger stages will it effect development or bias it on focusing on … Continue reading Preparing for MCQ pattern

Child Centered Pedagogy

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This is the term which clearly explains the meaning of How teaching is a customized process for every child. How inclusive education is still a distant goal. How training and resources form the heart of equal education for all. How teaching takes the responsibility irrespective of the different needs of the child. How equal opportunity … Continue reading Child Centered Pedagogy

Hands On Practise and Insights from It

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Teaching and explaination followed by self study , reading , understanding , memorising is incomplete without actual practise or hands on exercise time alone. This hands on exercises gives them chance to make mistakes and learn from them.Let them make their mistakes and then highlight their problematic areas or common errors.This approach develops an understanding … Continue reading Hands On Practise and Insights from It