My Journal 40. Reaching Out

payphone near shabby wall on street

We all here want ourselves to reach and that’s the reason social media is in great demand more than anything else now . It worked wonders letting people establish connection reach out to people with their backgrounds , interest or fields. But there is more than having a reach that is reaching out and reaching … Continue reading My Journal 40. Reaching Out

You are not alone

The more one relives them The losses get deep. Rise and heal Leave them past. The past cant be let gone But dont carry it each day. To hold on to it Is to go through all of it again. To know You were scarred But to know even more Those scars no more define … Continue reading You are not alone

My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

grayscale photography of crying woman

No matter how great writer , speaker , orator or artist one are there are areas of life or living one never speaks of or sometimes left unspoken of .These are part of the unspoken words of life sometimes of the community at large we are a part of. Sometimes these are feeling long lost … Continue reading My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

Big Skills – 6. Random Acts of Kindness


There is too much of negativity around with the challenges and struggles and so may obstacles to the normal routine which was very easy once .Everybody is learning or coping or figuring out ways. The only thing to avoid the most is to add to this negativity and spread it around. Something that can do … Continue reading Big Skills – 6. Random Acts of Kindness