Troubled waters

And I stood there with bare hands Waiting for those to hold me To take me through these troubled waters Showing me the shore where I could breathe free. Only to realise those bare hands Were enough to push those waters And reach the shore Not waiting for someone who has never made it. Sometimes … Continue reading Troubled waters

If ever I see you again

If ever I were to see you again I don't want to tell you how much mean you have been How you put me through losses I couldn't heal How you were in power and i submitted to live. I want to tell you how I endured still never broke How I stood and could … Continue reading If ever I see you again

Fight on

The only way to keep on Is to keep the fight on. Nobody knows the right end We keep moving and making our way To discover those unknown places. In a hope to find the trophy For all that we put in. To realise it was all that revealed in the journey To have traversed … Continue reading Fight on

Facing fears

I am facing my fears Not letting it fill stuff in my ears That I cant I never will. I will go straight head first Fuelled with reason Ignited by mission Burning with desire I will be ready to face it ,right in the face of it. You cant put me down I have a … Continue reading Facing fears