They say I speak too much But I am aware every time need arises I need to talk it out A better way to keep away from building up To know there are voices of those unheard Give my consent or disagreements . I am not holding back Even if that seems too much for … Continue reading Voice

My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

Most of the time we realise what we get is what we put up with. This does not apply to all situations in our life , but to the ones we are in control of or can take control with our will and courage .Those that are in the power of our choices and decisions … Continue reading My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

My Journal.13- Unspoken Words

grayscale photography of crying woman

No matter how great writer , speaker , orator or artist one are there are areas of life or living one never speaks of or sometimes left unspoken of .These are part of the unspoken words of life sometimes of the community at large we are a part of. Sometimes these are feeling long lost … Continue reading My Journal.13- Unspoken Words