They say I speak too much But I am aware every time need arises I need to talk it out A better way to keep away from building up To know there are voices of those unheard Give my consent or disagreements . I am not holding back Even if that seems too much for … Continue reading Voice

My Journal 60 . Nullifying

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Remember those times from childhood when you go to complain to teacher or parent about another , and after sometimes the other comes up with a claim you were the one who actually made it happen or are lying about the incident and your complaint is nullified . It becomes difficult to prove how the … Continue reading My Journal 60 . Nullifying

My Journal 62. Branding

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Our generation is very much driven by branding . There is an entire industry that works , researches , analyses and strategize techniques to reach and influence. Goods , services even celebrities are portrayed to us as brands with their unique feature that is made up to focus on human requirements or emotions with catchy tag … Continue reading My Journal 62. Branding

My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics

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Many a times in a society people who try to bring to light or talk about negative issues are alienated as others find them annoying or negative . Actually to be able to speak , accept and have a point of view on these so called negative topics is very much necessary to break that … Continue reading My Journal 72. Talking about Negative topics


A lot happens in the name of honor Lips dont speak of the evil They gulp down every yell You don't raise questions , if you wanted to be counted in There are rules that bind, none to protect any. It's better to live without such a honor They carry with pride a medal ,that … Continue reading Honor

Let go

Learn to live with less Even if you can afford all Then you will have much to give. Learn to give smiles Than buy all that withers with time Even if that means letting go off some of your joy. Learn to stand Even when it doesnt matter to you For there are responsibilties towards … Continue reading Let go

Fighting the currents

Fighting the currents Moving in the opposite direction A flow breaking the common perception Against the path followed without a question. To be able to exert a force To sustain and endure To keep moving forward. Creating a wave of change A rebel to all those that no more make sense. And wanting to find … Continue reading Fighting the currents