If you want to regret Let it flow And make you feel awkward Accept you too are human But there is another chance To rebuild . There are ones who can't face it And live a lie As if it was all meant to be And is just the way it should be Now trapped … Continue reading Regrets


Have you seen fear The ones that reocurr. And you at the waiting end Is it now time again . This time a wish something happens And it gets skipped all over . Knowing deep within Nothing can stop the same routine. Still you put a face of courage And let it pass as if … Continue reading Fearless

Move out

You can always move out of something You don't want to be part of. This time frame is really short When you know how it is, to not be in it When you are in control of what you want to be When you could pick your way, not being wary of perceptions. Take a … Continue reading Move out

Lighten up

Lets lighten up the load Throw off those burdens That bring frown , grim and tears Move light without holding on There is already much to deal within. Why add more to deal with The lighter we get The easier to focus on the center To not let be remote controlled . Controlled actions and … Continue reading Lighten up

Lost to be found again

I have been lost many times To find myself again Sometimes long lost in dreams Sometimes lost in battles Sometimes lost to myself Sometimes lost in broken connections Sometimes lost to cruel intentions. And yet I set on the journey To find myself again In a hope to rebuild me Every time a stronger and … Continue reading Lost to be found again

I hold the power

I am not giving youthe power to hurt meI wont hate youto power your intentionsAgainst me. you don't deserveeven my slightest attention.I make sure you arenot fueled by my reaction.You mean nothing to mefaced with my indifference. I wont let you be the center of the universe.I won't let youIntercept my thoughtsI hold the powerto … Continue reading I hold the power

My Journal 1. The Kite

man wearing blue shirt flying kite

It's kite flying time with the right weather , winds and festival of Makar Sankranti . I don’t know other connections about kite nor have I played much during my young days , but we decided to fly some for our kids .Though my husband has much experience in all these parts of life ,lucky him to have … Continue reading My Journal 1. The Kite