My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

Most of the time when people reach from nowhere to somewhere. They take pride and boast about their journey and achievements . Not only that , to show their value and importance they would look down or put down everyone else less or make sure to undermine others value to maintain their importance. That is … Continue reading My Journal 64. Everybody has a place

My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

woman with white earring on ear

We live in a society where conforming to others opinions , thoughts or ways is seen as something really positive or good. This need not be always right just to fit in to the bracket of " goodness" of definition of another we put up with everything and if one doesn't or is very clear … Continue reading My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

life is now neon signage

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a … Continue reading My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

My Journal 80. Past teaches

The best part about life we always have another chance , the meaning being if we have learnt from our past. We would know exactly that we missed to focus on , that we chose to ignore, the result of our choices , how it could have made all right just by taking a step … Continue reading My Journal 80. Past teaches

My Journal 79. Asking Questions is underrated

a bearded man pointing the pen at the person raising hand

The basic thing that could solve many issues is asking questions whether in relations , social groups or circle. Asking questions is very underrated especially in groups that serve common purpose where you don't want to be left out or termed as being nosy. It is not always out of ignorance , it could be … Continue reading My Journal 79. Asking Questions is underrated

My Journal 81. Does majority means always right

Most of the discussions we have had in different situations and stages at life the one thing we were told or made to believe is if majority supports a side , it wins not only that it is the right side.This is not completely true nor having a voice or opinion which is not same … Continue reading My Journal 81. Does majority means always right


I have fought my fights alone Nor looking for support But the fight I fought is not my alone There are many sailing in the same boat Not knowing which way to steer They get stuck in those storms. It thrives in the system everywhere Feeding like parasites. I have been there Managed to reach … Continue reading Trails