My Journal 23. – Self -Consciousness

fashionable young woman in colorful outfit on street

While we have become confident , achievers , better informed  , more aware but at some point in life when we were kids or youth or at some point or the other we were very self conscious sometimes due to the way be look or some distinguishing feature or being less fashionable or not belonging … Continue reading My Journal 23. – Self -Consciousness

My Journal 51. Laugh it off

happy young women sitting on couch and talking

It's , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves. Family or our inner … Continue reading My Journal 51. Laugh it off

Lighten up

Lets lighten up the load Throw off those burdens That bring frown , grim and tears Move light without holding on There is already much to deal within. Why add more to deal with The lighter we get The easier to focus on the center To not let be remote controlled . Controlled actions and … Continue reading Lighten up


Acknowledge , To let them know you love them too. To accept they make you who you are. To express what you are inside out. To let emotions flow . To show you care. To life for you know what it is to be alive . Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

Raw or Refined

two yellow and red lego toys

They say don't judge a book by its cover,Yet speak of first impressions make the everlasting opinions. They say Just be yourself And be accepted, Yet everybody refined to put their best foot forward. Raw is simplicity, Refined is polished.Simplicity connects to the heart, As Polished to the sense. When Raw,Not having to impress. to … Continue reading Raw or Refined