My Journal 37 . Changing People

person in blue and white plaid shirt holding brown cardboard box

Many a times we want to change people around us especially our dear ones to see for their betterment , happiness and success. Sometimes to make relations work , to get better out of a relation, for them to have better relations . This isn’t easy because not everybody is willing to change, nor is … Continue reading My Journal 37 . Changing People

My Journal 81. Does majority means always right

Most of the discussions we have had in different situations and stages at life the one thing we were told or made to believe is if majority supports a side , it wins not only that it is the right side.This is not completely true nor having a voice or opinion which is not same … Continue reading My Journal 81. Does majority means always right


Dont expect the one's who broke Are going to help you restore Nor wait for them to repair Nor fix your sores. Thank the moment that revealed their colours Now you are not tied to false purpose. Reclaim your self lost to time Acknowledge them for what they are And Has nothing to do with … Continue reading Restore


A layer of goodness A layer of position. Layers of wrappings Each for every relation Each to put up at different occasion. Ones very neatly done Ones to coverup layers that lie beneath. Layers with title and trophies Layers to blend in. Can u see the core Or just another layer Specially crafted Suiting the … Continue reading Multilayered

Rocky paths

Breaking away from the shackles Waiting for the shore to arrive Having the preparations right Now time has to decide. There is something about all thats fixed There is a moment it will crack Without the need to be glued again Then it's time to renew again. Nobody wants to break to find new lanes … Continue reading Rocky paths

Love of life

Love of life A dream to catch it with bare hands Hold it in tight arms Not letting it slip even for a second. And to open it one day To find it was always empty I held it for so long Forgot to look within Didn't count or take a chance Every time there … Continue reading Love of life


There are duties to perform Not skipped nor let gone The ones that make existence interdependent Gives reason for being and making a difference. Something that holds you so strong Even at the hardest moment You don't want to be let gone. It defines your presence in this Universe vast and unending That make you … Continue reading Duties


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Relationships for a reason. for common intention. for sharing emotions. Relations that think alike, that don't attach. that serve purpose. Relationships of every type, ones that last lifetime. ones that dont stand test of time. those that are ties of blood. those that are stronger than bonds of blood. ones that need attention. ones that … Continue reading Relationships