My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

life is now neon signage

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a … Continue reading My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself


Given a chance again Will you choose to do it all over again Or reverse those mistakes and make it perfect This time on your terms , courage to be self made A life for self, no one to care for and sacrifice your dreams for A life that has a ready manual and directions … Continue reading Again

Fight on

The only way to keep on Is to keep the fight on. Nobody knows the right end We keep moving and making our way To discover those unknown places. In a hope to find the trophy For all that we put in. To realise it was all that revealed in the journey To have traversed … Continue reading Fight on


Sometimes all of it feels immovable Still I keep putting my part Now without the expectation Just doing my job. And one day to realize It moved Just that I couldn't see Because I too was moving with it. And then I take a step back To observe the picture big How each of those … Continue reading Immovable

Words powerful

She looked at me with tears in the brim Her pain radiatingĀ  through her anguish I know i had push her to make through this. And then I spoke, to help her rise A word to remind andĀ  believe in the strength within Not giving up in the face and sinking in Using the power … Continue reading Words powerful

Power to rise

The power to rise Always comes from within. Whether be it a struggling caterpillar Or a bird learning to flap its wings. Whether in the face of fear Like the tiny animals guarding their territories Or the prey slipping from predators wings. Whether an outlet to maintain the balance Like the nature that responds by … Continue reading Power to rise

Writer’s Block

scattered letter blocks

The dreaded monsterI have heard a lot about itBut was sureI was never going to see it. AndIts finally here for me to face it.Its been a while nowI even thought to drop out.There is an urgeMind filled with thoughts.But like something has robbed me of wordsUnable to stitch them together.As if something blocking my … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Stay Happy

Just stay happy For no specific reason Nothing dares to hurt A smiling face That radiates like a moon glowing Only awestruck It reflects in anothers smile Let nothing fade This happiness that rises from within I know there are struggles neverending But just face it with a smile Its already half battle won within. … Continue reading Stay Happy


Darkness cant be trapped Its in closed rooms it gets darker. Light even as small as candle Has the power to remove darkness. Only that this light be lit from within the darkness To let it know to open the windows For there is more light to let in. Light that comes from within Lets … Continue reading Darkness

Shadows of Art

tender female in violet illumination

Anger , jealousy , revenge , resentmentShadows your true self. When you are engrossed in these thoughtsyour art reflects themMore than your soul. These are shadows that blind your thoughtsSo much filled with anothersyour work and life reflects the other. Once shadowed you are no more yourselfAll your energy depeleted criticising the other self. Its … Continue reading Shadows of Art