My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

selective focus photography of red fruits

From onset of pandemic and the following lockdown I have been taking up everything new from roles to learning to responsibilities. I took something for myself also like watching world movies , gardening and writing to keep me sane and keep my family going . Though rest all still was working in some way and made … Continue reading My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

Poem – I wish I had a magic wand

Hi friends this is my first poem published in a journal since I began writing officaily last year. It has been published in the INNSAEI journal. I hope to write more for many journals in coming time , wish me luck and positivity to expand beyond my blog as I want my words to touch … Continue reading Poem – I wish I had a magic wand


blue red and yellow electric wires

I dont feel like writingwith so much chaos around.With challenges on personal ground.So much of confusionA fear of the unknown.No answers to problems blown. I don't know me writingnow does it make a difference.A thought always back of my headWhenever i sit to write. I just write with a hopeIt is to fool my hearteverything … Continue reading Chaos

In these times

In these times , That challenge humanity. All of you who hold positions, Within your community. Within your family. Within your connectivity. For all that, Your skills speak. Your education matters. Your soul searches. Stand up for once and speak, Make sure not one from yours, Moves out without a mask. Not because one is … Continue reading In these times

My Journal 15. – Timeout

london telephone booth long exposure lights

Something that has come around many peoples lives with these new normal is “timeout”. A break from those regular lifestyle those parts that formed parts of routine of our life and some of them which were real big parts of life suddenly went out and we found those time and energies introduced to many new areas of … Continue reading My Journal 15. – Timeout