I am a fighter

I chose to be a fighter for life Always ready to stand for the right Knowing when to take my steps back No greed to rise for positions and compliments Nor asking that belongs to another But will fiercely guard that's mine. I have fought my way through every hurdle Some I won , some … Continue reading I am a fighter

If ever I see you again

If ever I were to see you again I don't want to tell you how much mean you have been How you put me through losses I couldn't heal How you were in power and i submitted to live. I want to tell you how I endured still never broke How I stood and could … Continue reading If ever I see you again


I have fought my fights alone Nor looking for support But the fight I fought is not my alone There are many sailing in the same boat Not knowing which way to steer They get stuck in those storms. It thrives in the system everywhere Feeding like parasites. I have been there Managed to reach … Continue reading Trails

Battles and Scars

I am not saying I don't get hurt It hurts the same Sometimes even deeper Because I am already healing wounds from battles fought before. The only thing, this training being through so much of it Has made me tough I can go on, being hurt twice as much as you can't even think of … Continue reading Battles and Scars