My Journal 24. – Nonverbal

persons hand doing thumbs up

With time I build this version of myself with time which became more of non verbal , sometimes I think or process so much I hold my need to respond at that time , sometimes I want to express- feeling many things inside just don't know which one to express, sometimes the lack of time frame I want to say … Continue reading My Journal 24. – Nonverbal


A layer of goodness A layer of position. Layers of wrappings Each for every relation Each to put up at different occasion. Ones very neatly done Ones to coverup layers that lie beneath. Layers with title and trophies Layers to blend in. Can u see the core Or just another layer Specially crafted Suiting the … Continue reading Multilayered


I shared my secrets with you I thought it was safe with you. I told you my story I opened up wholly. I found the dear friend in you . And then one day Something happened to you. You put my weakness On display for everyone to see. You found opportunity In my vulnerability. I … Continue reading Trust

Painting complete picture

painted concrete block on embankment

Some deep lessons that the pandemic has taught us , how we are interdependent on each other for existence, How a fall in one part effects every other linked , We are in it together and we have to be out of it also together .This has somewhat changed the mindset about race and blame … Continue reading Painting complete picture