Learning At Home

mother helping her daughter use a laptop

In current conditions and challenges at health front many a times kids are fully dependent on learning from home , though the online learning has kept them connected with learning certain steps need to be followed to keep this learning stress free both for the learner and the tutor and to continue on a routine … Continue reading Learning At Home

Study tips for parents to help young learners

adorable blur bookcase books

As parents and tutors there are some basic tips while helping young learners with their studying . These will help to make the study successful in addition to minimizing the stress related to study both at the child and tutor level. 1.With young kids there is always limitation to attention span, control on focus over … Continue reading Study tips for parents to help young learners

Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

female student suffering from headache in library

As parents and tutors in home schooling or teaching , that is problematic for a child is teaching unprepared , unorganised or without any back preparation. This process of unorganized teaching becomes more of learning and research with teaching at the same time from tutor side , whereas for the student the flow of teaching … Continue reading Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared