My Journal 27. Follow your Heart

In todays world where its more about following , followers , hearts and likes which is all about moving with the trend , keeping up with that's very current , doing what gets more heart or likes. I want to talk about this "follow your heart" which is mostly overrated in movies or creative talks … Continue reading My Journal 27. Follow your Heart

A journey to the start

Have you been on a journey You were just at the right point But search for more Questions to unearth Took you around the globe Just to realise the journey Made it clear that was the right point From where you began Now you know this is the place Where you want to stay And … Continue reading A journey to the start


Desires keep driving A hope to fulfill dreams Makes living interesting Looking forward to achieving. What if it was a wild chase Wanting something never to gain Running towards a reflection To realise it was just an illusion. Wake up to reality Choose a new goal And keep alive The reason to keep moving. When … Continue reading Desires

A Broken Wish

There is one, this little wish, You wished for , all your life. From the time you gained senses. You kept following it just right. That small little wish, That was your life. And one day to realise, It is never to be. Now leaves a crater never to be filled. All the trophies , … Continue reading A Broken Wish