My Journal 37 . Changing People

person in blue and white plaid shirt holding brown cardboard box

Many a times we want to change people around us especially our dear ones to see for their betterment , happiness and success. Sometimes to make relations work , to get better out of a relation, for them to have better relations . This isn’t easy because not everybody is willing to change, nor is … Continue reading My Journal 37 . Changing People

My Journal 51. Laugh it off

happy young women sitting on couch and talking

It's , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves. Family or our inner … Continue reading My Journal 51. Laugh it off

Cuteness overload

She looked into my eyes with a sparkle held my hand with a warm feather touch hugged me at times tried clinging to my arm With her cuteness overload she asked me Aren't we going to be the  best friends forever In her sweet little voice. And I lied to her  with a big smile … Continue reading Cuteness overload

Closely knit

This unit that we create In which each of us Has a unique place. But when time arises We fill in  for each other We shuffle our place. We stand for one another In times that test our power We look out for each other. This is where we derive our strength These are where … Continue reading Closely knit

Being All

back view photo of a woman in black sleeveless top carrying a toddler

Nobody told the clouds to rain and shine at the same time The sun never gave warmth of moon, though its heat gives life to all. The ocean takes in from all that comes in  , it never has to give back to them. The roots hold on , but the delicate leaves caters to … Continue reading Being All

No more love

Why does it feel always like a memo To even get across to you. Why do you stare at screens Even when I am speaking to you. Why dont you understand When I say I need a break. Why do you open accounts To show how much you do. Why cant we just speak and … Continue reading No more love

Ups and downs

We will be through it. Both the ups and downs. Dont expect it to be a perfect one, There will be bumps along the road. We may cross each other. Sometimes we move parallel. At times one of us pulls over , The other keeps moving. At times we are in the same lane. Sometimes … Continue reading Ups and downs