A common talk

Walking by the lane Saw a mother holding Her two princess close to her heart Their eyes sparkled like stars As the mother showered them with love. And then I overheard two men Sitting on a bench, A common talk.. What a waste of time To have to raise two girls Just to prepare them … Continue reading A common talk

Not just flowers

We are not looking only for roses Why compare us to just flowers. We too want to run those machines Why shouldn't we own one of those extremes. We very well understand complexities Why cant we be the thinkers that lead. We known how to hold it together Why cant we be the mentors. We … Continue reading Not just flowers

Have times changed?

unrecognizable ballerina silhouette jumping with raised arms

Are we still judged the same or times have changed. She wanted to make a place for herself and ventured where her creativity guided. She joined the wagon making connections with the same interests, in the journey to exchange and grow . But some turned out to be a shock a reminder its still the … Continue reading Have times changed?

No matter

No matter how slow one is making progress. No matter how small their contribution is. No matter how less you feel their efforts is. No matter what positions they hold. No matter how different their journey is than yours. Respect each one of them Each small little drop Adds up to the ocean. What seems … Continue reading No matter