Observation and Questioning

scientists experimenting in the laboratory

These two tools play an important role in self discovery , gaining knowledge , problem solving . But to develop these skills its important to introduce kids to use them in daily life , learning and play . Helps them develop this skill to achieve clarity or bring in different ways and angle to the … Continue reading Observation and Questioning

Using the Right Language

mother helping her daughter with her homework

Whether for academics , helping kids work on their difficult areas , trying to explain them about diversity or complexity from topics around , reading or communicating , exchanging and listening to them its very important to use language with right words , details in a manner they understand and can connect , even with … Continue reading Using the Right Language

Study tips for parents to help young learners

adorable blur bookcase books

As parents and tutors there are some basic tips while helping young learners with their studying . These will help to make the study successful in addition to minimizing the stress related to study both at the child and tutor level. 1.With young kids there is always limitation to attention span, control on focus over … Continue reading Study tips for parents to help young learners

The Silence in Classrooms

man performing on stage

The silence in classrooms mean more than they seem. for some its fear of not knowing, for some fear they will be questioned the unknown, for some its rule to obey to avoid being punished, for some its actually listening while others are pretending. Silence in classrooms should come from listening , looking and learning … Continue reading The Silence in Classrooms

Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

With changing times complexities and facets of education becoming more inclusive and interdisciplinary and collaborative. There was a time when teaching was " A -apple" as simple as that now they are trained from the start to apply aptitude skills of things being taught with a more practical approach in form of activities beginning right … Continue reading Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning

Learning is a continuous process, some can be early learners , some can be late, there can be different paths to learning the same topic . But what matters the most is attitude, approach , mindset towards learning.Unfortunately the attitude towards learning in early years plays a very important role in creating a mindset for lifetime … Continue reading Cultivating right attitude and approach for Learning