My Journal 25. Life is about change

photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop

One has to go through major transformation in various stages of life. People who have been through with you or met you after a time have  spoken and witnessed of these changes in you. Every time it's a new version of self , no more the person they knew or expected you to be. It's not about the look , fashion , style … Continue reading My Journal 25. Life is about change

My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

selective focus photography of red fruits

From onset of pandemic and the following lockdown I have been taking up everything new from roles to learning to responsibilities. I took something for myself also like watching world movies , gardening and writing to keep me sane and keep my family going . Though rest all still was working in some way and made … Continue reading My Journal 55. My Little Tomato Plant

My Journal 16.- The Question

black and white abstract painting

I have come with my version of the answer to the question that most of us have had some point in our life . Sometimes we followed what was told or taught us , at times we had those versions where we wanted to make our choices seem right , then we have those versions that … Continue reading My Journal 16.- The Question