My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

Most of the time we realise what we get is what we put up with. This does not apply to all situations in our life , but to the ones we are in control of or can take control with our will and courage .Those that are in the power of our choices and decisions … Continue reading My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

I am a fighter

I chose to be a fighter for life Always ready to stand for the right Knowing when to take my steps back No greed to rise for positions and compliments Nor asking that belongs to another But will fiercely guard that's mine. I have fought my way through every hurdle Some I won , some … Continue reading I am a fighter

If ever I see you again

If ever I were to see you again I don't want to tell you how much mean you have been How you put me through losses I couldn't heal How you were in power and i submitted to live. I want to tell you how I endured still never broke How I stood and could … Continue reading If ever I see you again


Life has been a rollercoaster ride The excitements of reaching the top And experiencing the thrill of free fall. The noise around And the fear inside screaming aloud. The fun to see those faces you ride along And knowing you are not alone to break free. If at a point you decide to stand in … Continue reading Rollercoaster

Unending times

Moments that seem unending Engulfing all the light within Like time has frozen Still you have to keep moving. Truth alone can lead in such times Cleared of all those false illusions That blinded your choices and decisions. Courage and faith to keep going When facing one's greatest fears Nothing can hold down a strong … Continue reading Unending times

Let Thoughts speak

What happens when thoughts speak Should they be heard Or silenced before being heard Aren't they meant to be inside Hidden from the world outside Locked up in memories Caged in fears Dressed to cover-up Masked for acceptance. For once let those Thoughts speak Let them just flow Breaking all those barriers See yourself set … Continue reading Let Thoughts speak

A Boasting King

black chalkboard with medical mask

The self declared king ,In his palace of dreams.Treating his subjects ,like his slaves.As they bow down,to attend his meeting.His power at peakOnly In his courtrooms.Where he puts up a show, of his stupidityand vain ego. They praise him,Fear his wrath,Put up an act,For his tyranny,A self made story. The boasting kingSits in his throne,never … Continue reading A Boasting King

Walk Away

photo of woman in red outfit walking

Walk Away. When you don't want to be a part of it. When you don't wan to be at the receiving end. When you have had enough of it. When you heart says it does not feel right. You don't have to stand for manners. You don't have to show togetherness. You don't have to … Continue reading Walk Away