My Journal 31. Its always there inside

cheerful black man writing on paper

Most Of the things we and even as children one thinks is incapable of is actually a mind lock due to fear of failures or low self esteem or lack of motivation and support or low self confidence.Sometimes all you need is a push to actually get down and try to do it on your … Continue reading My Journal 31. Its always there inside

My Journal 51. Laugh it off

happy young women sitting on couch and talking

It's , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves. Family or our inner … Continue reading My Journal 51. Laugh it off

Self Belief

There will be those Who Think they know all Even What's right for you. Who have chosen their sides But will advise you to follow the midlines. Who have an opinions about everything Like they have mastered in every realm. Who validate and criticize others But that doesnt put them on a pedestal high. Don't … Continue reading Self Belief

A Gem

Oh You were too quick to judge me Let time pass and you will start to love me. As time will unfold Everything you never knew about me. As time will reveal All that you wrongly calculated in haste. As time will tell This time you were wrong to judge a person. As time will … Continue reading A Gem