My Journal 36. The Over – Type

spiral staircase with concrete blue railings

Always been at the  receiving end  of the title from my college days to real life. I have had my challenges and had to work on ways to achieve in spite of those unusual and difficult circumstances and challenges in my life , because me complaining wouldn't have helped me out. This got me wrongly labeled … Continue reading My Journal 36. The Over – Type

Sounds of the wind

Winds carry the sound From far off lands The ones never seen Nor have we been. They speak of voices Who have faced those That we dread to even utter And we turn deaf To Let the wind pass . Not moved by those stories That send a chill down the spine Just enjoying the … Continue reading Sounds of the wind

You are not alone

The more one relives them The losses get deep. Rise and heal Leave them past. The past cant be let gone But dont carry it each day. To hold on to it Is to go through all of it again. To know You were scarred But to know even more Those scars no more define … Continue reading You are not alone

To know the Truth

You want to know the truth Do you want to hear my story. I will tell you every bit of it Will you able to take all of it. When it will reveal all that you never knew When it will show all that you didnt want to see When it will speak all of … Continue reading To know the Truth


black and white photo of holding hands

have you seen eyes screamwhen lips tight sealed .speaks of allthose dreaded talesfears beyond imaginepains that cross limitshelpless at the hands of fateThe only hope to relieveA Miracle from the Supreme. have you seen eyes screamand your heart speaksto help lessen those strainsto give a hand ,you careyour words to speak their storiesto show you … Continue reading Compassion

Stone World

In this world of stones, I want to be a beating heart. Its not that easy, All stones around , You start to doubt, You too are one rock . But then your, Heart speaks . And now it wants, Another heart to share, To feel , to care , to love. And left no … Continue reading Stone World

My Journal 3. The Lamppost

While it is always late bed time for me with finishing all the left work , to putting kids to sleep and then some time out for myself. During this hour of night when I look out of my window from a higher floor , I see this lamp post the one with the four lamp heads and tallest … Continue reading My Journal 3. The Lamppost