My Journal 36. The Over – Type

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Always been at the  receiving end  of the title from my college days to real life. I have had my challenges and had to work on ways to achieve in spite of those unusual and difficult circumstances and challenges in my life , because me complaining wouldn't have helped me out. This got me wrongly labeled … Continue reading My Journal 36. The Over – Type

My Journal 41. To be a part or not

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The freedom to do what one wants to , intend to , or choose not to be part of what feels wrong looses it value , in the process we decide to be part of these groups , groups that control and influence our choices , decisions or think for us . Unwillingly , silently … Continue reading My Journal 41. To be a part or not

My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

Most of the time we realise what we get is what we put up with. This does not apply to all situations in our life , but to the ones we are in control of or can take control with our will and courage .Those that are in the power of our choices and decisions … Continue reading My Journal 45. We get what We put up with

Move out

You can always move out of something You don't want to be part of. This time frame is really short When you know how it is, to not be in it When you are in control of what you want to be When you could pick your way, not being wary of perceptions. Take a … Continue reading Move out

Choices Maketh Life

It's all about the choice That define your life. What one makes of what they got Choosing for self or to make your part. The value of time over building an empire Wealth to buy you time or pleasures brief Knowledge to achieve or to cheat Words to stand by or to deceive Relations to … Continue reading Choices Maketh Life


Sometimes just ignore Behave ignorant Not all that they do needs your attention. But have your preparation right A step or two ahead of time When lines crossed Rebel with all your might. Give them a taste of their own medicine Let the blow be so hard To knock out For they never rise again … Continue reading Battles


Being judgmental : Oh you be aware We have our eyes on you We are checking your every move We will tell you when you dont meet our standards You be wary , alert and nervous You should be bothered how well you stand up to our expectations We are self approved rule makers We … Continue reading Judgmental