My Journal 51. Laugh it off

happy young women sitting on couch and talking

It's , The ability to laugh at own self to help us to face our true selves and yet  embrace and accept it as part of ourselves makes life lovable. To be able to accept ourselves just as we are , among our near ones is a great boost to being ourselves. Family or our inner … Continue reading My Journal 51. Laugh it off

Box of seeds

Box of seeds Each with a plant in it To be watered ,nurtured and  given warmth Will grow to see the dawn. Some would need care Some would be planted else where Some would need support Some will grow on their own. To make sure each seed Reaches it goal The gardener should be skilled … Continue reading Box of seeds

Down the lane

I kept walking down the lane Turning pages of time frame. I have seen me been through all Those autumns that shed my leaves . Those volcanos that devasted and dislocated me. Those famines testing extremes. Those floods washing away all and then to rebuild. Those earthquakes that shook me within. And then the evolution … Continue reading Down the lane

A death of thousand dreams

A death of thousand dreamsEach dayeach one of them pushedTo give up on their childhoodTo chase livelihoodTo cater to hungerTo prepare for raceTo achieve gradesTo follow tight schedulesTo carry burdens of expectations Asthose toys lay restsky filled with stars no time to more silly talksno time to see , the dust moving in … Continue reading A death of thousand dreams

Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

With changing times complexities and facets of education becoming more inclusive and interdisciplinary and collaborative. There was a time when teaching was " A -apple" as simple as that now they are trained from the start to apply aptitude skills of things being taught with a more practical approach in form of activities beginning right … Continue reading Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment