There is a hype around Making something out of nothing Or their way to show they are doing something Could we stop wanting to know about such things Does it really matter who wore what And went out with whom Aren't there more serious things But looks like this is what sells And demand drives … Continue reading Nonsense

On a click

A friend at a click Live at a click Emotions at a click. Programmed to get it done on the go Have forgotten to let the process take over To give it time to build Let the course unfold To discover and grow. Well prepared pallete. Where's The fun in falling and knowing to hold. … Continue reading On a click

Knowledge Era

We live in Times where In every place They are offering courses To take. For every skill you wish to build Learn those talents that can get you recognised Chase a passion you knew no way of. And then there are courses To better handle yourself how you can give your best how to crack … Continue reading Knowledge Era

Changing Times

gray double bell clock

Its a different world than you have seen Those rules no more work hereThose principles don't fit hereThose typecast definitions have lost valueThose connections have renewed values. Its time you embracea time that is no more the sameIts a different world , a whole new game. In these Changing TimesPositions one holds no more define … Continue reading Changing Times