My Journal 25. Life is about change

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One has to go through major transformation in various stages of life. People who have been through with you or met you after a time have  spoken and witnessed of these changes in you. Every time it's a new version of self , no more the person they knew or expected you to be. It's not about the look , fashion , style … Continue reading My Journal 25. Life is about change

My Journal 37 . Changing People

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Many a times we want to change people around us especially our dear ones to see for their betterment , happiness and success. Sometimes to make relations work , to get better out of a relation, for them to have better relations . This isn’t easy because not everybody is willing to change, nor is … Continue reading My Journal 37 . Changing People

My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

I too have limitations , flaws , drawbacks the way I am already made. The only thing I can do about it is be aware and a fight everyday to keep it right in it's place a check on self it doesn't loose . Somethings are so difficult to change or may be just deeply coded in … Continue reading My Journal 52. Its a fight everyday

Riding the waves of change

To be able to read the winds See the pattern in the waves Hear from beyond your thoughts Brings the wisdom of change. To be able to challenge yourself To be able to let go , best of now To be able to start anew again Needs a lot of courage. To know now is … Continue reading Riding the waves of change

I changed

It wasn't always like this I too feared But one day decided to face it And then I no more  carry it. I too felt those wavy emotions But then stopped reacting And now its always stable within . I too wanted those big medals But then stopped expecting And they lost value. I too … Continue reading I changed

Growing Together

crop friends stacking hands together

Growing Together This growth has no valuetill it grows between alla growth nurtured by all .this growth is not that easy to achievefirst a search to find my identitythen to embrace change, to belong to the communityto rise to a level, so that i find myself among youthen a step to connect, for now its … Continue reading Growing Together

My Journal 15. – Timeout

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Something that has come around many peoples lives with these new normal is “timeout”. A break from those regular lifestyle those parts that formed parts of routine of our life and some of them which were real big parts of life suddenly went out and we found those time and energies introduced to many new areas of … Continue reading My Journal 15. – Timeout


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Transformation. When the old ways no more serves purpose,With changing times it outgrows,One needs to grow leave behind a comfortable point,Sometimes you are swayed by the winds of change,Sometimes It comes with necessity of time. Transformation takes its effect,Its not an easy path.The one that changes old norms.The one that defines new all.The one that … Continue reading Transformation