Why do we need a reason to do everything. Why there needs to be a surprise waiting. Why there is a need to be recognised for giving. Once in a while lets do without any attached wanting. See it open up a new horizon you never went searching. We think we know of happiness and … Continue reading Serving


I am going to speak and speak In every possible form In simple and plain words In songs with sounds of heart In search of meaning life holds In words to voice unheard In questions of all thats unspoken I will speak till it reaches every corner And it is spoken without filters. Download ebooks … Continue reading Spoken

Life and journey

A thought to remember With all the intelligence and knowledge we gain. All that needs time and patience A process  to learn and unlearn A need to grow and change A freedom to fail and see beyond that's  known and said Inner battles to fight ,that stand in the way A past that makes or … Continue reading Life and journey


A lot happens in the name of honor Lips dont speak of the evil They gulp down every yell You don't raise questions , if you wanted to be counted in There are rules that bind, none to protect any. It's better to live without such a honor They carry with pride a medal ,that … Continue reading Honor

Let go

Learn to live with less Even if you can afford all Then you will have much to give. Learn to give smiles Than buy all that withers with time Even if that means letting go off some of your joy. Learn to stand Even when it doesnt matter to you For there are responsibilties towards … Continue reading Let go


Dont expect the one's who broke Are going to help you restore Nor wait for them to repair Nor fix your sores. Thank the moment that revealed their colours Now you are not tied to false purpose. Reclaim your self lost to time Acknowledge them for what they are And Has nothing to do with … Continue reading Restore

Brick by brick

There is something about taking a step at a time Letting the time follow its course Building a strong base to sustain the future To have patience to see it manifest Making one's share of fiasco Learning to rebuild after a crash Preserving the self and heal from the wear Having hands to hold and … Continue reading Brick by brick

Victory over evil

The strength of evil no matter how magnus and spear intellect The evil within, is its weakness that makes it descend. The evil inflates the ego , how they are in control of everything. The evil knows only needs, breaking every bounds to satisfy wants. The evil in thoughts when I is all that I … Continue reading Victory over evil


A layer of goodness A layer of position. Layers of wrappings Each for every relation Each to put up at different occasion. Ones very neatly done Ones to coverup layers that lie beneath. Layers with title and trophies Layers to blend in. Can u see the core Or just another layer Specially crafted Suiting the … Continue reading Multilayered