My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

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We share experiences in the form of knowledge but rarely do we share our experiences especially with a dark past openly with other's. Fear of being judged , fear of reliving those emotions , fear of inability to express or fear of the immaturity of the listener .Whichever reason be it we hold back sharing … Continue reading My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

My Journal 33 . Judging People

judgement scale and gavel in judge office

 Judging people is not that easy even though we think to be a very good judge of people's thoughts , character or intentions. This question has been a very important topic for me for the various experiences and past I faced especially around my closed ones , whom I admired once , who make me what I am today … Continue reading My Journal 33 . Judging People

My Journal 34. Karma

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Many talk about one thing is that how karma will get back or how it serves right what one deserves. I don't know how the Karma works or what it is but what i have read and researched about and it looks . We should be taking responsibility for our actions , thoughts and footprints we … Continue reading My Journal 34. Karma

My Journal 35. “I am ok with this”

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 If one is kind of a person who learns from everybody , who is flexible ,willing for change , that gives way to lot of opinions how and what to do and unsolicited advise . There are many people out there who think they know everything about everything , and hold an ego of being … Continue reading My Journal 35. “I am ok with this”

My Journal 36. The Over – Type

spiral staircase with concrete blue railings

Always been at the  receiving end  of the title from my college days to real life. I have had my challenges and had to work on ways to achieve in spite of those unusual and difficult circumstances and challenges in my life , because me complaining wouldn't have helped me out. This got me wrongly labeled … Continue reading My Journal 36. The Over – Type

My Journal 37 . Changing People

person in blue and white plaid shirt holding brown cardboard box

Many a times we want to change people around us especially our dear ones to see for their betterment , happiness and success. Sometimes to make relations work , to get better out of a relation, for them to have better relations . This isn’t easy because not everybody is willing to change, nor is … Continue reading My Journal 37 . Changing People

My Journal 38. Defining the limits

Somethings in life are better not judged as less or more .Because these things can become a part of our system and in the process we ourself loose the control to keep it within limits or draw the line between less or more. Such things are best kept out of our system and life . … Continue reading My Journal 38. Defining the limits

My Journal . 39 Timestamps

These people who form parts of our lives due to various reasons or in  timeline , do have an impact on our lives and vice versa.They have known us and seen a part of us may be  it was a timestamp only but still a part of our journey. They carry memories of you from … Continue reading My Journal . 39 Timestamps

My Journal 40. Creativity

Creativity is in choosing life to live the way you want creating experiences . It is the ability to express those emotions , ideas , topics in ways that are different being able to present them through a different angle and details.It is our inbuilt tendency to work on solutions generated through our unique ways … Continue reading My Journal 40. Creativity

My Journal 40. Reaching Out

payphone near shabby wall on street

We all here want ourselves to reach and that’s the reason social media is in great demand more than anything else now . It worked wonders letting people establish connection reach out to people with their backgrounds , interest or fields. But there is more than having a reach that is reaching out and reaching … Continue reading My Journal 40. Reaching Out