Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

Developing humble , tolerant andempathetic IndividualsIt's important in today's competitive world our children don't become high headed with their success or fuel their egos with achievement and considerevery other person as threat/ competition or failure to look down upon. Not everybody have had an equal opportunity or life isn’t fair in terms of resources ,physical … Continue reading Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

Life and Learning

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a point it reveals itself that this was the wrong path , all those efforts lost ,a part if you almost at verge of breaking . These points are very crucial point in anyone’s life don’t let this moment take over don’t sink into the grief of loss or how much it has taken of you just to realize it was waste of all that energy , time , emotions , dedication a part of your life just feels have lost value in the journey.

This is actually the moment to reclaim yourself . To know…

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Rocky paths

Life and Learning

Breaking away from the shackles

Waiting for the shore to arrive

Having the preparations right

Now time has to decide.

There is something about all thats fixed

There is a moment it will crack

Without the need to be glued again

Then it’s time to renew again.

Nobody wants to break to find new lanes

But some lead from routes

That are closed by boulders

And To make new paths you have to break them down

To explore world none travelled before time.

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A thought

Life and Learning

Something’s can never be taught

Something’s can never be changed

Something’s are never meant to last

Something’s get lost in space

Something’s don’t have a name

And yet why r we so sure

Of all that is known

And All that is made known

We knew exactly what laid beneath the surface.

What if it was just a reflection

Or an imagination

Or a projection

Of my limited time frame

In this universe of infinite combinations.

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Their voices matter

Life and Learning

When they say they don’t get it,

You need to find a better approach.

When they say they need a break,

Let them relax those overloaded brains.

When they say they have a secret,

Give an ear without judgment.

When they have an opinion,

Listen to them without shutting them up.

When they make a decision from their heart ,

Stand with them and respect their choices .

When they say they are lonely and hurt,

Give them a hug without a question.

When they break old ways to build a new ,

Stand by their side for you are the world to them .

Their voices mater,

Even though you cater to their needs.

Fulfill all responsibilities.

Have let go of all your needs.

Give them the most precious of all gifts,

Time of yours,


Voices of their hearts.

To live a life

Soulfully fulfilled.

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No matter

Life and Learning

No matter how slow one is making progress.

No matter how small their contribution is.

No matter how less you feel their efforts is.

No matter what positions they hold.

No matter how different their journey is than yours.

Respect each one of them

Each small little drop

Adds up to the ocean.

What seems like nothing to you

takes a lot at their level.

Dont be judgmental

Appreciate for they are doing, nobody else can replace.

The ecological balance and niche

Very well maintained.

Everybody has a place

Everybody do their part

No matter how small or big.

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Life and Learning

When days are shorter

And nights seems longer

To keep engrossed

And forget those feelings.

Shun away all that reminds of living

When tears at the brim of pouring.

Pushing mountains that wouldn’t move an inch

Testing your faith and will to keep trying.

Just to remind of not giving up

To know this too shall pass even if it seems unending.

And they make you the hardest within

That shields the core from any forthcoming calamity.

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Life and Learning

We all have those points

We realise we can’t go beyond

Pushing will just make it worse

And we decide to halt .

Take a breath and enjoy all that we travelled

Relive those moments and those that skipped the attention

And these points

Teach us to be thankful

To be humble and greatful

To be more kind

Knowing each will have that point

To stop ones chase and see anothers pace.

And These are points

That makes one more humane and connectable.

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Bullying – Being Aware

Bullying is a silent killer which breaks more than mind , strength and courage of the victim to fight back also it has it's effect long after those episodes are over in life. The only way is to tackle them to avoidcarrying the burden always.But it's not easy as said there are various kinds of … Continue reading Bullying – Being Aware


Take a deep breadth Go to the inner depth Cut off from everything That bothers you That angers you That tires you. Now you find a space Very blissful Very clear Very you. Now Only you No one else there to blame to point to disappoint. Travel the inner world Seek answers to all from … Continue reading Reflect