My Journal 82. Silence is not always golden

Nowadays everybody is wary of speaking their opinion , raising concerns asking questions. Its taken in a negative sense also nonobody wants to seek the negative attention and be judged.

But this attitude has actually been the reason behind many acts that are not questioned and information being easily concealed or misinterpreted .The attitude let others do the talking , I am good being the spectator , I dont want to share my opinions , let them find out on their own, I don’t need to be part of this. Is very much the reason of all the ambiguity , misinformation and the main source of loop holes in the system.

Some do manipulate information for their benefit but they are supported by those who don’t want to ask or seek clarification. Many anti social acts are known about but there is lack of awareness and consciousness to stop them from recurring . As many chose silence for personal benefit and others to stay away from chaos.

This silence is no more golden that is the root cause of many misinformation and the main factor of many existing social issues. Hope many choose speech over the costlier silence.