My Journal 79. Asking Questions is underrated

a bearded man pointing the pen at the person raising hand

The basic thing that could solve many issues is asking questions whether in relations , social groups or circle. Asking questions is very underrated especially in groups that serve common purpose where you don’t want to be left out or termed as being nosy. It is not always out of ignorance , it could be curiosity , to clear many ambiguities, to bring to light because nobody ever questioned . Yes most of the times questions are faced with hostility or are put off or cornered ,only that it shouldn’t stop anybody from asking questions , you can try a different source or change the way question is being put up. This initial opposition and indifference or being labelled makes many hold back from asking questions . Yes there may be initial opposition but try taking it forward as clearly as possible and being persistent brings in lot of clarity to situations which had got lost in translations and multiple broken channels of communication.

Whether in personal life , social or official exchanges it is good to question to get the right information or to clear differences , at that point it might seem a little too much or irritating to be asked or to answer but this works in solving problems just at the right time . Helping it not to build up to a point irreparable or causing losses in future. To question also requires not to arrive at conclusion or frame as to inquire , that puts the listener in a back mode as nobody wants to be questioned . Questions shouldn’t be targeted at people but for the situation , filling in gaps , bringing clarity. Questions can also be used to understand the others perspective in discussions so that can one get across their idea or opinion in a better manner.

Keep asking questions and do not discourage ones who are trying to bring up clarity in complex situations. Its better to ask questions and come up with better questions than ask nothing at all. Its through these questions we build stronger channels of communication not letting doubts and confusions make their place so strong that it becomes difficult to eliminate them after a point.