My Journal 69. Life and Books

assorted books on shelf

There is a deep connection between the two life and books and how they complement each other. Its through these books we have learnt from what was known to life and what we haven’t known , what is there more to explore , travel to unknown and imaginary realms, paths traversed , knowledge discovered and much more to life . These books lead us to places and experiences we have never known , makes us wiser than our age and exposure .
Many believe in living , learning and experiencing not all of it can be sought through books unless one goes through it and learns to steer through facing all of those emotions , using ones knowledge and grow in the process developing self to be the better version of self. But not all experiences can be had in a lifetime nor a single point of view can get through those complexities , its then when these books open up possibilities through their unique ways of imparting learning about life . Its important to equally experience life and experience through books to know yourself and your unique journey but also about journeys and knowledge that come from a different experience , knowledge and expertise than yours.
These books carry knowledge and experience from different dimensions and time space they help us to understand the diversity in thoughts , culture , creativity in lives . Though human interactions , living life and facing challenges are the true source of knowledge that will never leave you , but if we were to face every challenge and deal with them from scratch it would be no less than a life full of struggle . Its through these books and knowledge we have a base to face those challenges , limit those losses , have confidence and become resilient to failures .
Yes books give you an opportunity to live an aware life not lost in between all the chaos , they bring in discipline in our lives and society around . Every book is a unique experience and a part of the unending universal knowledge tapped into written with a soul , intention , idea or discovery made.

20 thoughts on “My Journal 69. Life and Books

      1. Yes.. I think so… But I don’t consider myself a writer yet… I am working on becoming one… Wish you a wonderful day my dear 🌷🌹❤️


      2. Why so , when so many appreciate your writings we all are in a learning process and becoming better of ourselves .


  1. True…reading not only imparts knowledge but arouses in us the curiosity to find more….books by themselves do not provide complete knowledge but initiate a desire to move out and find more .to expitiment …
    Stat blessed Gayatri..


    1. Thank you , can I make a request sir . can u write me a comment of review of my writings or poems want to post it on fb wall.


  2. True words. Books and life complement each other. Books help us live fully and life give us a chance to live and experience the books we read


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