My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

life is now neon signage

In life many a times we walk the wrong path not knowing its not leading to our destination this may be due to wrong decisions or wrongly directed or wrong people and relations or lies that you believed or was made to believe in . And what happens when you realize you have reached a point it reveals itself that this was the wrong path , all those efforts lost ,a part if you almost at verge of breaking . These points are very crucial point in anyone’s life don’t let this moment take over don’t sink into the grief of loss or how much it has taken of you just to realize it was waste of all that energy , time , emotions , dedication a part of your life just feels have lost value in the journey.

This is actually the moment to reclaim yourself . To know the path gave you nothing after all that you have put in but something learnt, that the path was wrong being grateful for it to reveal itself because its never too late. To be able to accept it and embrace the freedom of being relieved from that path. Don’t use that moment to let it take over you how you have lost much or how you have been a fool to have walked along for such a long time without any questions. Actually to have travelled and endured that wrong path in ignorance has tested your limits already , trying to make up for something that was never right. Appreciate yourself to stand up for so long and the will power in you to have keep you going even when all didn’t seem right.

Now take this moment to reclaim yourself , take control of how you would have wanted it to be , how you would want to be treated , what is that you are not ready to accept anymore to not continue on that path .Take a strong courageous stand to be yourself, even if this long time down the wrong path has wearied and tired you. You will find immense strength once you connect to your true self , be the one you always wanted to be. Nothing can take away the light within even if one is totally worn out by circumstances and time . This time you will make a come back stronger for you have refound yourself like a phoenix rising from ashes . Don’t let the fire burn you down instead let it become the power to transform yourself to a stronger , resilient and knowledged you . Not letting the losses along this wrong path take over you emotionally knowing you have all that still within to start right from scratch.

This loss is not every time in terms of tangible objects or monetary or time sometimes these are our emotions and mental strength tested to their limits and we have to take control to not let it collapse at that moment it reveals. Yes if your emotions were played and you had to put up with lot , let this not past define yourself inside you . Instead of letting the negative emotions of pain and loss take over and feeling bad for why did it happen after all that you had put in, you should have deserved better. Take this breaking point to reclaim to decide you will take control of your emotional state in your hands now , so its no more at the pity of another’s attitude or behavior towards you or how you have been treated. Don’t hold grudges that you carry along for long get over with it accepting the reality or facing it at the moment by clearing it out. In the path to reclaiming yourself support yourself with all positivity in ways that help you reconnect within , free those negativity build up , practice self care , keeping positive circle and knowledge through reading and research of moving through such times and being aware , communication with inner circle and spirituality.

If life reveals a wrong path at any point , its a second chance to take control and reclaim yourself don’t let it take over emotionally or let it blame you for having gone through all that . Reclaim yourself and Reclaim your life.

5 thoughts on “My Journal 68. Reclaim Yourself

  1. Yes…everyone goes through this experience of treading a wrong path sometime or the other in our life…on discovery the first reaction is of despair which is just natural…but success comes to those who do not sit and brood…but learn their lessons and move on .
    Very well written article Gayatri..
    Stay blessed always πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ™


    1. Yes not to get stuck at that point or let it take over ia very crucial point , ones we know and learn to move out of it there is no stopping. Thank youπŸ™‚


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