My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

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We live in a society where conforming to others opinions , thoughts or ways is seen as something really positive or good. This need not be always right just to fit in to the bracket of ” goodness” of definition of another we put up with everything and if one doesn’t or is very clear about oneself is termed as having attitude. If you keep taking and living as per others unsolicited advise and opinions with the fear of being tagged of having attitude you will have problems expressing and accepting yourself . This doesn’t mean we be rude or rebel all the time . There is also an attitude to get across in a manner you say yourself but not to hurt or put down another another but being firm with your stand. You can always evaluate suggestions but work on ways that suits you better, because not everything works for all.

Attitude is very much necessary to know nobody is perfect and that you know yourself better . Its a shield to safeguard oneself from continuous intrusion by others or advises that doesn’t fit your style or life. Nobody knows your journey or have travelled your path and that makes you different and your choices . This attitude helps to build a healthy boundary telling another to stop at a point beyond which you are not allowing or seeking .

Attitude helps one to break away from approval all the time . Its ok to say no even if that means breaking another’s expectation or perfect picture about you. It gives you strength to follow your instincts , stick to what you feel deeply no matter how convincing or opposing the others opinion seems. To be always as very humble and giving makes one easy target to be manipulated or exploited instead having an attitude safeguards ones interest .Having an attitude helps you protect your space , make a safer zone and quicker to react without being effected by the others position , status or achievements in times you need to stand against them.

Sometimes your intentions and thoughts are good but just doesn’t go down good with others there is this unwanted negativity , criticism which may effect ones peace its attitude in such scenarios that keeps one going ignoring or indifference to such negativity. Attitude allows you not to be wanting to be a people pleaser all the time .Attitude is knowing yourself and valuing your journey . But this attitude needs to be a positive one backed by positive thoughts that uplifts , respects and is self aware. It helps you to develop pride but this shouldn’t effect your humility or tolerance . This pride should be level headed to know you have done good but that doesn’t put you in a position to undermine another’s. Turning pride into arrogance and ego . Thinking of oneself so superior and above all becomes the base of the most of the troubles and problems in life . Where one think so highly of oneself and the only point of everything and all knowing it becomes stupidity . To deny there is more than one knows , we alone are never complete , there is always something to other side and needs to be respected , no one can be the best , one can just keep getting better .

Well attitude is very much needed , we may take pride in ourselves and our journey but what needs to be checked this doesn’t turn into arrogance and becomes Ego.

10 thoughts on “My Journal 66. Attitude , Pride and Ego

  1. True …having one’s own unique attitude is a must …this is what differentiates one from the other….society generally doesn’t like people following their own path…thats why there is hardly any growth which is directly related to questioning…
    Stay blessed Gayatri..🙏🙏


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