My Journal 65 . Goodness

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It is not enough to have goodness or practice it , one needs to be aware , learned in all ways to protect ones goodness . It not easy to change people around you or expect them to be good just because you are , that’s the reason through various topics i try to speak of ways we can be more aware of existing scenarios and conditions and not get carried away by wrong impressions or expectations . I don’t write to change people or their thinking , which i cant , i write to preserve the goodness and kindness that already exists which comes from making the right choices , self realization and being empathetic . I write to amplify the goodness around.

I have never seen people change not because they don’t have knowledge of the right or wrong , sometimes they have more than others , its the choice they make or to put it another way with practice their principles don’t work, they lack self control or just are masking to be innocent or good . Actually nobody can change just because you want them to be and accept good , its a feeling from within which needs lot of reflection , strength and regular practice and this can never happen in a day . Most of them don’t even want to try being good , they are really happy the way they are . Its not that i am pessimistic but after a certain level there seems to be no way to change , thats why parenting plays an important role in developing humble , tolerant , kind and empathetic individuals.

But if you believe in goodness and have tried to walk down the difficult path and make choices that you have decided to follow for being good , its necessary to preserve it from being taken advantage of. Many out there speak or profess of goodness but when in comes to real life they prefer the other way . Its very easy to know of goodness because of positivity it reflects but most of the time it is only seen as a benefit for another making it more vulnerable.
Its important to be good individuals but also smart and aware of our environment . Its also important to not get upset or feel let down for another’s behavior or attitude because you were good to them , they were just like that and have always been its not about you. Some can display to be very cultured or well behaved at a certain situation or scenario but at a different place or crowd they can portray a totally different personality or conduct . So for many this goodness is temporary depending on meeting their needs or requirements or a masking for current situation , once they are out of it they are back to being the real them. Some preach real high values or thoughts but that is just a coverup and may display contradictory behavior in their real lives .

As parents we should develop kind , good and empathetic individuals but also enough aware and well knowledge about the real world to preserve their goodness and keep their expectations just right but still work to make this world a better place with their power of goodness.

2 thoughts on “My Journal 65 . Goodness

  1. Right…
    My goodness should not be affected by the prevalent environment or people around… It is the reflection of my inner self and stay with me forever..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇


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