My Journal 63. Start with a clean slate

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At certain times in our lives when we are the start of something very new or we have to begin all over again , we have to be ready to start with a clean slate. To not to carry burdens of our past wrongs , stern approach , not carry regrets or take the blame of something that was just a moment in time .

Sometimes we are working really hard with all back details worked out everything in place , very familiar task may be , yet a single point of mistake and everything gets ruined and wasted all your energies , time invested , dedication . Worst of all it hurts you to have made such a silly mistake which could have been easily avoided if paid attention to . But that’s life not everything can be scripted and perfect there will be times no matter how perfect and best you are going to have these times you loose at the expense of a single mistake . This is the point which angers and disappoints many to the point they want to give up on it totally . Its necessary to tell one in such times its ok and human to make mistake , yes its difficult to cope with loss and also there may be many interdependency that may be hampered and needs to be looked into . In such times find the courage to start with a clean slate , have a new plan , rework with greater details so as not get trapped in same mistake and get going instead of being grieving over the loss it has caused . Also you will have to put in double the efforts or energies to make up for the loss but also work on a strategy not to effect the dependencies .
Even when your near ones or dear ones go through such times where a single fault brings them back to square zero don’t give up on them nor let them give up on their endeavors . Let them know though its been difficult and losses might be there , they can always put in effort to get back to a point rather than being disappointed or upset and hurt over that fault. Because if they try there are chances they would find some way back or at least make less damages to dependent tasks or issues. Many people hold on to these losses or mistakes or faults so much they get stuck in that time frame find it impossible to move ahead of it.

Sometimes these are new stages of our lives like marriage , parenting or choosing careers its best we start with a clear view , mindset and total submission to our goals working out our ways through challenges . We shouldn’t be carrying our past instead start a fresh a new with clear goal and approach to form a strong base to begin a new journey. This is the most difficult time as the decisions , bonding , difficulties these starting time brings needs you be able to erase all that back thoughts that hold you down or keep you forcing to giving up on it . Its best you start with a renewed hope , renewed approach , renewed attitude and renewed knowledge every time as you are learning , till you reach a point you have found yourself in a position from where there is no looking back and you have found your place in this new journey. Whether starting a new venture or following your passion you need to be able to let go of all those thoughts that create doubts to be able to start with this new journey of which you have no background knowledge but are ready to chase it with all preparations and learnings that may come along the way. In relations too there are times we need to start a clean slate whether its new or starting over again . Not carrying our pasts or previous experiences to make sure it works . To accept with a fresh view without letting our past relations effect our current scenario and equations.

Sometimes after back from a long struggle or recovery many have to find their foot back again . These times are really difficult because you are on your own , wanting to get back to life with all that you have may be from a point zero or may be a second chance . To be able to accept and face this new life , finding your place all over again ,from where you have been away from a really long time coming from a totally different environment or conditions . Trying to adjust to this new world has its own challenges . But then one needs to find courage to start somewhere and once you belong to the process , the ways start to open up on their own. Yes not many would be able to relate or understand your struggles but if you need help in your this new journey you can always reach out for help and you will be surprised to find many.

We need to help our kids to understand and move through times that need them to let go of current limitation or restrictions or faults and move ahead with a positive and renewed mindset , as parents we need to stand by them and talk them out of such situations by being there for them .

At times we need to start with a clean slate and when such times arise don’t forget to wipe the slate clean to start with a clear mind and renewed thinking .

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