My Journal 62. Branding

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Our generation is very much driven by branding . There is an entire industry that works , researches , analyses and strategize techniques to reach and influence. Goods , services even celebrities are portrayed to us as brands with their unique feature that is made up to focus on human requirements or emotions with catchy tag line that easily attracts . These have a created image which is fed to the masses continuously through various platforms and sources . These easily influences us to believe in them because of well marketed strategies which have well researched details about what will get them the right fan followings . Though there are better , generic and worthy options available in market and even at better affordable rates. This branding gives them an edge using the human tendency to accept something that is displayed polished and shiny always attracts more numbers. There is never a question about the high prices attached , quality or results associated with these brands, some even may cost you in ways you may not be aware presently.

So looks like our generation is puppet in the hands of publicity or marketing strategist who know exactly to sell what they want even if it is not what we would want to buy . They have found keys to influencing our choices and minds . These brands are displayed as so huge and magnus , it becomes a symbol of owning or belonging that gives a feeling of greatness or prestige . To the point nobody even verifies whether the information being put up by the brand is true or not . Sometimes these brands become superpowers in market and create monopoly , these affect availability of better options and cancels any competition to keep them in check . They create this huge customer base or following and it sells without a second thought .Now it’s like everybody wants to be part of the brand to not be left out of trend also a created pressure of the brand being the only best .Sometimes there can be a negative part to this branding because of they gaining strength in numbers it becomes difficult to keep any check on their standards .

These branding are also considered a status symbol. A way of connecting to or making followers or fans take pride in belonging to that same group or common liking’s . Sometimes bringing together emotions of a kind eg: by portraying something to be an outlook of deep inner emotions or needs like safety , high morals , cultured , trendy , romantic etc… They portray to be catering to the our basic necessities in the most thoughtful ways and meeting our most desired emotions. These brands are so heavily marketed it looks as if this is the only best option available , ignorant of the fact that there are better , valuable and worthy resources or alternatives very much available which is not given the spotlight so as not loose their build value. There are many problems of falling into this branding trap . Are we actually being sold that serves for our benefit ? Is everything that is actually being portrayed exactly as it is? . Just because something has a large fan following does it make the only best option available ? Is branding another way of monopolizing on our emotions and needs ?

We were supposed to be the advanced race but looks like technology and smart devices are actually making our generation even more vulnerable and effecting basic human logic and intelligence that existed before . We are puppets in the hands of these devices and technology that keeps us glued and easily influences us though it looks we are the one controlling or using them . Yes there are better generic options available if we learn to see beyond what we are fed in the name of branding and we can make conscious decisions . We need to guide our younger generations to make conscious decisions not just based on trends or branding so they can choose what’s best for them not what is told to be the best for them.

There is positive side to this branding since it has control over a large base of followers or consumers . It can use this superpower of strength in numbers and influence to bring in positive changes or take initiatives that can effect the entire generation or lives . Using it to alleviate problems , work on solutions that concern the large with their power of influence to formulate ways or strategies that can work for greater cause of humanity and environment. Especially in current times where there are many challenges to tackle, these brands can now use their superpower to implement many ways to influence their fan following to bring efforts together in right direction to make the fight a success. So is said with great powers comes great responsibility provided it’s not used for meeting selfish benefit’s alone.

6 thoughts on “My Journal 62. Branding

  1. I agree. Brand means hope. A marketer uses brands to sell hopes. Brands simply increase the price, don’t add any value to the product. Very nicely put in this beautiful article!


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