My Journal 40. Reaching Out

payphone near shabby wall on street

We all here want ourselves to reach and that’s the reason social media is in great demand more than anything else now . It worked wonders letting people establish connection reach out to people with their backgrounds , interest or fields. But there is more than having a reach that is reaching out and reaching out to.

I have always believed in reaching out,  when in my studying years I struggled with certain subjects as I suddenly had jumped from a certain board of education system to another with a much higher level. I just could not adjust or fill in the gap I had , due to coming from a simpler board of education. I reached out, told teachers from my school , to teachers from our family friend circle , to classmates, you won’t believe the guidance they gave me in that limited time and their dedicated efforts made a difference of lifetime for me. I too believe myself in helping people from my field of my knowledge and I equally believe there are people who are genuinely ready to help you if you are ready to put efforts or taking up a task , at least to guide you or help you move further . Only that you need to reach out and ask for help , tell them and let them know you need their expertise and experience or knowledge .

Next time you feel stuck with task at hand no matter how small or big reach out for help at the same time ,make yourself reachable for help to another .Don’t give up on it just because you can’t find a way out or you alone can’t make it . We all carry a part of experience and when we share and learn from others we grow . Learning for life and from others is the easiest and effective way and build really good environment in which humanity thrives. At the most someone will say no or show lack of interest , but don’t stop from reaching out to another or reaching for help. Yes not help alone is going to help you or get you through you will have to back it with your efforts and determination . We all have learnt something from someone and are going to share a part of us with someone . In today’s world it is very necessary to reach out or be reachable to help others stand strong through such difficult times also make them known they always have someone to reach out to.

We all set our status to available , but it is equally necessary to make it to reachable to make our part in the process whatever way possible . Yes we do have our restrictions and limitations but we can do at least a bit to be able to be reachable. So I know now when in movies they say , If you have a dream shout from the top of the mountain or when they say, If you have a dream the entire universe will work to help you achieve it. I think it’s finally about reaching out to and reaching out for help, seeking the right guidance and support to bring together to help achieve your dreams.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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