My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

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We share experiences in the form of knowledge but rarely do we share our experiences especially with a dark past openly with other’s. Fear of being judged , fear of reliving those emotions , fear of inability to express or fear of the immaturity of the listener .Whichever reason be it we hold back sharing our those experiences of life that leave our life scarred or a permanently damage to carry around . Though many heal , some receive support , some even carry the after effects throughout their life as it becomes a turning point of decisions or events .

Share your experiences and thoughts more about sensitive issues or topics considered to be a taboo to be spoken about openly to be more acceptable by the society and raise voice stronger against such issues . People try to normalize such issues or judge a person of making an issue out of nothing, which could have been easily ignored or let gone .Sometimes it’s supported by majority because they want to be part of the group and no matter how right or wrong it is, it receives the support as people want to stick together fearing they will be left out of the group.

Speak about it openly without letting it effect your mindset , clearly speak about the experience how it hurt you emotionally , physically, mentally . The effects it has had on your life and the effects in long term .Speak with people closer to you of your age or older to you whom you can trust within friends or families or professionals , if any one of them doesn’t believe in you or tries to wrongly frame you or normalize the situation don’t be affected by their judgement it’s either their mentality or immaturity or narrow mindedness and inability to understand such sensitive topic.

Speak about it as soon as possible to stop it from creating mental blocks or choking you in the inside . Holding grudges or anger or negative emotions about self , won’t help instead speaking openly and having conversation to get it out of your system. The question is not why was it you , it could have been anybody or there would be more in your place just that they have not  found the strength or right support to speak up.

This does not defines one as weak being subjected to such situations, only that time and situations were taken advantage of .Sometimes the oppressor are in powerful positions either within families , socially or professionally to misuse their position to take advantage and get off knowing that nobody has the courage to go against them.That suppress ones strength and voice to fight the situation .Sometimes these are recurring events unless a stand taken to build courage to speak out and put an end to it .These are easy to say but when faced with such an situation not easy to actually speak when one is at the receiving end and a majority to support at the other .

When these are experiences from close relations , it effects one in many planes of life, questions it brings up , the shock it creates especially if it is a person from your inner circle of trust , the effects it will have on relationships and thoughts around you once the truth is spoken , effects on life after  you move on , judgement that every relation will be seen from the same angle around you .Some even go to the extent as if you speaking out will disturb their life and relations and would want you stay silent about it . Whatever the reason be or whoever be to induce silence that shouldn’t ever stop you even if it is at the cost of breaking another’s word or world because covering up something like that is not only a danger that’s past but a sure chance to be subjected to many more .

Sometimes these negative experiences are from the most important relations of your life. Even if all these means breaking away from your own who don’t believe or listen to your experiences and don’t give you a safer zone instead tell you let go of those situations as a part of the past .Because there are chances the person or group may get support of larger members and corner you out even if you try to be part of the system and get back at you even stronger .It’s not an easy decision of breaking off against your own but that’s the only right decision after bad past experiences you have had and lack of support to your side .Especially if the experience effect you mentally ,your security, your space , your peace and push you to other extreme.This may leave you with two way challenge one of healing from the negative experience and second being on your own through the journey of life and challenges. Still it’s better to leave than living under the fear of those experiences that break you everyday and giving them another chance to get back at you.

Share you experiences for other’s to know they were not alone in these situations .For they may find strength in your story and ability to express their feelings and circumstance .Share your experiences for other’s to respond more correctly , understand the depth and intricacies and how to face when subjected to these situations that are very much part of the society we live in. Speak for the coming generation and your kids to keep them more aware and help them feel stronger for you spoke to them openly about those topics or experiences .Yes topics like good touch and bad touch are taught from younger age to kids as apart of syllabus too , but that’s not enough unless as parents we share with them experiences around and speak openly. It’s not restricted to a certain age even as they grow with exposure to different spectrum of emotions , relations and circle , help them speak about whatever experiences they might have faced by being there and listening to them without judging . Speaking about such experiences, they will be able to understand other’s who have been subjected to such unfortunate events and be a support system for those in need or their loved ones.

Share your experiences to let go those bottled up emotions and memories , Speak up for other find strength in your words, Share without holding back to build a stronger and more aware generation to sensitive issues .

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “My Journal 32. Share and Speak up

    1. Yes you are an empath and healer , correct me my knowledge is limited on this field .But it can make a great impact and help heal and open up such conversations .


      1. We all learn (and upgrade our frequencies) at differing rates of speed. No corrections needed. We simply fine tune to who we really are. ❤️🦋🌀🙏☯️


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