I am a fighter

I chose to be a fighter for life Always ready to stand for the right Knowing when to take my steps back No greed to rise for positions and compliments Nor asking that belongs to another But will fiercely guard that's mine. I have fought my way through every hurdle Some I won , some … Continue reading I am a fighter

Move out

You can always move out of something You don't want to be part of. This time frame is really short When you know how it is, to not be in it When you are in control of what you want to be When you could pick your way, not being wary of perceptions. Take a … Continue reading Move out

Cuteness overload

She looked into my eyes with a sparkle held my hand with a warm feather touch hugged me at times tried clinging to my arm With her cuteness overload she asked me Aren't we going to be the  best friends forever In her sweet little voice. And I lied to her  with a big smile … Continue reading Cuteness overload

Something about art

There is something about art It freezes a moment an idea or an emotion with the soul inside Which cant be recreated even with th same hands twice. Every time even as time passes The art reflects that the viewer desires But the truth intact and safe within the heart of the art Touches on … Continue reading Something about art

Respond aptly

They carry faces And their story changes With every motive And to meet their needs. What is right once The other moment wrong , when on the other end. Half spoken and additions to manipulate actions. Now on your side with time what benefits their side. So easily they shape shift Awestruck to even react. … Continue reading Respond aptly