True nature

Nothing can change or deny its true form One thats inborn You learn to live with it Not alter to fit in To discover your place To find your pace To make your part To be accepted for what you are Gives a reason for the way you are And for all that, not like … Continue reading True nature

What has writing done for you

Writing has grown me Writing has questioned my perfect self Writing has let it flow Writing has let it heal Writing made me aware Writing gave me a space of my own Writing lets me evaluate Writing speaks without fear Writing is what drives the essence Writing is where I have been , what I … Continue reading What has writing done for you

Silver lining

I am not all good things Nor do I say its only bright side happening But seeing the silver lining Has helped me find a reason for not stopping Not letting my heart breaking Knowing its not ending There is hope for new beginnings Or start again with a new meaning This silver lining is … Continue reading Silver lining

A journey to the start

Have you been on a journey You were just at the right point But search for more Questions to unearth Took you around the globe Just to realise the journey Made it clear that was the right point From where you began Now you know this is the place Where you want to stay And … Continue reading A journey to the start


How long can one keep going Knowing there is a storm waiting That will destroy the ship And the efforts to have reached this far. To still begin on the journey With a preparation to mend and continue. Sometimes without a way out Still trying, hoping storms would stop And sometimes build something that can … Continue reading Storms

Lighten up

Lets lighten up the load Throw off those burdens That bring frown , grim and tears Move light without holding on There is already much to deal within. Why add more to deal with The lighter we get The easier to focus on the center To not let be remote controlled . Controlled actions and … Continue reading Lighten up

True wish

The only thing my heart truly wishes for To see you smile with all your heart That makes my day fruitful To have seen the brightest moon Like god has heard my prayers Though I know I have miles to go To have found the strength in your smile I know I have a place … Continue reading True wish

Love of life

Love of life A dream to catch it with bare hands Hold it in tight arms Not letting it slip even for a second. And to open it one day To find it was always empty I held it for so long Forgot to look within Didn't count or take a chance Every time there … Continue reading Love of life