I am not going to fight your ego If you have already taken a side I am not going to make you choose mine. I am not going to break your illusion That makes you think you are all knowing. I will let you be with your thoughts I have no intention to correct them … Continue reading Explainations


We need voices That can speak . Speak for us Speak against all that matters. Voices that raise questions Voices that are yours and mine. To know not all is fine To speak of imperfections existent. All that easily covered in the act of running the show Demanding submission an obligation. Their voices challenge with … Continue reading Voices

Fighting the currents

Fighting the currents Moving in the opposite direction A flow breaking the common perception Against the path followed without a question. To be able to exert a force To sustain and endure To keep moving forward. Creating a wave of change A rebel to all those that no more make sense. And wanting to find … Continue reading Fighting the currents


So fixed at your end Can't accept anything that doesn't conform to your notions. That makes one really narrow sighted To hold on to it without a doubt And to shun every other word That's not in lines with your thoughts. Your experienece and knowldge is worthless If its found limits in your blind bias … Continue reading Stern

Not all knowing

Can the mind see beyond the eyes. to know and understand there exists more than what is known and made known. grow my vision beyond the limits of my optic nerve. be aware not to be carried away with all that pleases. be open to the endless possibilities the universe holds. to receive the knowledge … Continue reading Not all knowing