Words matter

Words matter No matter From whom But they matter. Those words To make you feel better To make you realise your hidden power To keep a promise forever To call its over To stop the pressure To define clear measures To raise what bothers. To make you wiser. To hold you together. Those words matter … Continue reading Words matter

I hold the power

I am not giving youthe power to hurt meI wont hate youto power your intentionsAgainst me. you don't deserveeven my slightest attention.I make sure you arenot fueled by my reaction.You mean nothing to mefaced with my indifference. I wont let you be the center of the universe.I won't let youIntercept my thoughtsI hold the powerto … Continue reading I hold the power


They flow without limits Changing forms Sometimes in receiving Sometimes in giving So pure they reach faster than prayers So harsh they can make loss deeper than swords. With no control over it They flow from our deepest desires Sometimes positive . Sometimes negative. The ones from our dear ones heal And from them who … Continue reading Energies


The ease with which the river flows Making its  path on its own The ease with which smile connects Requires no translation The ease with which a child imagines With no limitations. The ease with which a mother loves Witout any expectation. The ease with which thoughts flow From a poets pen Without any inhibition.

Grieving in Silence

Shouldn't you mourn a loss screaming and crying How bad it is to not be able to let it roll and have it bottled within To feel the pain so deep but cant express  it openly To behave as if it never happened or existed To keep going with a part of you lost in … Continue reading Grieving in Silence

Apples sour or sweet?

Are the apples sour or sweet He looks up with a smile And speaks with confidence Sweetest in the street. And she takes it for his words They seem very true To have come straight from him With the weight in his words Its hard to believe the other way. She pays the price He … Continue reading Apples sour or sweet?

To know the Truth

You want to know the truth Do you want to hear my story. I will tell you every bit of it Will you able to take all of it. When it will reveal all that you never knew When it will show all that you didnt want to see When it will speak all of … Continue reading To know the Truth