Friend And Foe

Why do I need a foe if I have a friend like you

How could have you cheated your heart that still loves me

How could your soul make peace when you decided to break it

How will anybody trust you when you are so good at breaking one

I was better with my foes

To have a friend like you.

Whose sweet words were like that of wolf.

Whose heart so filled with jealousy because you know you are no good .

Who talks great but all of it lacks soul.

Dont worry I forgive you

Thats the worst that can happen to you.

For your heart and soul will keep questioning you

How on earth could a person forgive you.

10 thoughts on “Friend And Foe

  1. I’ve actually never seen this perspective be written before, within the realm of “friend and foe” that is. You opened the poem with a very captivating line, “Why do I need a foe if I have a friend like you” and you held my attention through the whole poem! You’ve earned my follow!


    1. thank you🙂 ,this means a lot. Every of my poem has a very real perspective just as I have seen around I dont try to change it.


  2. untrustworthy friend is worse than a friend…foes you can avoid but a fake friend can ruin you.
    Stay blessed always Gayatri🙏🌹🙏
    Keep blogging🙏🌹🙏


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