Words have great power

sticky notes on board

Words have great power A word here and thereAnd means something else altogetherUsing it just rightwhen you want to make it clearPutting in a waythat doesn't mean to hurt otherGiving it just the right detailsSo that it strikes the centerSome of it woven with your heartSometimes just as a crystal clear thoughtSome backed with facts … Continue reading Words have great power


clay jugs near stone wall of ancient building

Broken I fix those pieces everydayto carry my part of burden.sometimes i go oneven when some of it have fallleni stand up again tallgathering and putting them together.With every dropi carry in my broken piecesI serve my purposei try to mend otherssometimes make them stronger. You cant see those cracksSo carefully fixedI don't let my … Continue reading Broken


grey elephant near green trees

Influence Great achievements, trophies and medals.a proof of your mettles.you have made a placeworthy of accoladesa point to celebrate. But Your skills have reached true valueAs they reach to influence moreTo help them achieve what you have mastered. The greatest happiness comes fromseeing another find the inspiration in you.Able to share your art and skillsto … Continue reading Influence

Sensory Play

It is important to introduce sensory play through various activities , objects or games around . As it has many advantages and plays an important role in the development of various skills. It is allowing the kids to explore the world around them through various senses like touch , smell , hearing and sight . … Continue reading Sensory Play


Darkness cant be trapped Its in closed rooms it gets darker. Light even as small as candle Has the power to remove darkness. Only that this light be lit from within the darkness To let it know to open the windows For there is more light to let in. Light that comes from within Lets … Continue reading Darkness


experience lettering text on black background

No one can be two at the same timeeven a superhero has his cape removedto be as common among his own. even the water changes its formto reach places in different forms. Even the light has different sourcesto guide us at different times. Not one route alonecan lead you to different destinations. To make this … Continue reading Wisdom

Using the Right Language

mother helping her daughter with her homework

Whether for academics , helping kids work on their difficult areas , trying to explain them about diversity or complexity from topics around , reading or communicating , exchanging and listening to them its very important to use language with right words , details in a manner they understand and can connect , even with … Continue reading Using the Right Language


Opinions madeOpinions half bakedOpinions about everything than about selfOpinions powered by insecuritiesOpinions blinded by superiorityOpinions without baseOpinions with motiveOpinions to deviateOpinions to trick Even if one is jack of everythingStill opinion about another is a nothing. Making opinions don't raise ones barBut for sure says about ones mental state a lot. Its not in ones … Continue reading Opinions


photo of multicolored abstract painting

There are rules to createthat perfect masterpiece.Those perfect strokes and shadings.Creativity and expressions just flowthey are reflection of the soul.Not crafted with perfectionThe beauty lies in their imperfection.To be able to connect to realityNot a perfect piece, But a part of imagination .That is me.Perfect is goodIs worthy.Imperfection is trueJust how i want it to … Continue reading Perfect